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About us


As a person who really love adventures, I really liked to travel abroad. 


One time, I was sightseeing in Seoul, and I was waiting for the subway to arrive in Incheon station.  I really can't wait to see what exciting things and delicious food I get to taste in this city!


Standing about thirty feet away, I notice this gentlemen was holding a large black box, and the box looked highly designed, and a small ribbon was tied to it's corner, a gift of some sort.


I thought to myself, "it must be holding something really nice inside." 


Five minutes later, that gentlemen's girlfriend arrived.  He opens the box, and the girlfriend was so happy that she hugs him and gave him a big kiss.  


"I really want to see what's inside! Whatever it is, it must be really good" I thought to myself.  I try not to be creepy, and not to stare, but my curiosity kept me wondering. I walked a few step closer, and get to a better angle so I can take a peek.  


It's Roses!  Beautifully arranged, and wrapped really elegantly.  "Wow! I thought to myself, I need to get one for my girlfriend!"


When I returned to New York, I looked all over, trying to find something similar, but all I can find is generic flower shop bouquet. 


So I look for it online, no luck there as well.  The closest thing I can get is to buy this beautiful flower box, and find a florist to decorate it for me. 


My girlfriend's birthday is coming in a month, and how can I send her boxed flower not knowing where to get them?  I knew she really liked flowers, and I knew that this would really make her happy.


Without anyway of buying boxed flower online, I decided to "do-it-Myself".  I spent weeks researching how to handle flowers, and ways to keep flowers fresh.  Find florist to teach me about flower arrangement and color matching.  With hard work and determination, the first boxed flower was born. 


When my girlfriend received the boxed flower I made, she was really amazed how beautiful it was, and how unique a gift it was.  She was mostly amazed how a guy can come up with such a beautifully designed flower box! Her friends were telling her what a great boyfriend I am and asking me where to get it!

"Secret!" I laughed as I speak to them.


Although, the first box of flowers took me few hours to make, the smile on her face really worth all the trouble! Because often time, we work hours or days just to bring smiles to the ones we care about.

After that, I thought to myself, "why not bring this to everyone in NYC?  I'll make this available to people who really need to express their feelings!" Thurs, Boxed was born!

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