White Eternal Roses

White Eternal Roses


White eternal roses and eternal hydeangea gift box with dried flower card. good for display and gift, eternal fowers last for 1-3 years

  • Size

    Height: 6" Width: 6" Depth: 6"

  • Preserved Flowers

    Preserved flowers and eternal roses gift box. Real touch high quality roses and hydrangeas. Handmade. each box comes with one dried flower card.

    Gift box made with real natural flowers and leaves. eternal roses (preserved roses), preserved hydrangea, solar flowers and other dried flowers. 

    Preserved roses and preserved hydrangeas are 100% natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process by being placed in a mixture made from glycerine and other plant elements. The flowers were preserved as its best condition, the roses feels and looks like the fresh roses and does not need water or special care. The roses do not contain pollens and do not have scent. Eternal flowers can last for longer than one year. 

  • Maintenance

    1.Keep in a cool, dry place.
    2.Do not expose to direct sunlight.
    3.Avoid water
    4.Avoid crush, press or bend the petals.
    5.For cleaning use a flow of cool dry air.
    6.Indoor use only

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