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    ©2019 Doing Business as Advanced Floristry LLC

    220 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11237


    • Courage is not without fear!
    • Courage is to keep going even when you are afraid!
    • Courage is never giving up!
    • The Courage to do it all!
    • Flower GiftBox

      • 24 Freedom Roses in a gift box
      • Each box comes with a dry flower card with the message you have chosen.
      • Flowers are equiped with stem feeder to ensure it's freshness.
      • Flower Food is Included
      • 20x9x6inches LxWxH

      Flowers are perishable and are non-refundable, but do let us know if there is any problem or dissatisfaction.


      Shipping limited to NYC's Five Boroughs, other nearby area please request for delivery quote.

    • CARE

      • To keep your roses from wilting, please put roses in a vase with fresh water.
      • use a very clean vase and keep them in a cool spot.
      • Flowers need food just like people, please make sure you add the packet of flower food included in the box.
      • Remember to cut the stem before placing it in a vase will ensure proper water circulation for the flower.
      • be sure to change their water every few days 
      • Properly kept flowers can stay fresh for up to 7 days.
    • Inventory: