"Those that we love don't go away, they walk besides us everyday"

-Unknow Author

"For as long as there is memory, those we love can never be more than a thought away"

-Unknow Author



    Flowers are arranged on a flower foam which will feed water to the flower through out the day. The basket is made of durable water proof material, and it's light weight material prevents the basket from becoming heavy even after you water the flowers.


    Flowers are perishable and are non-refundable, but do let us know if there is any problem or dissatisfaction.


    NYC 5 Boroughs only. Other near by area please request for delivery quote.

  • CARE

    • Floral Bricks can absorb water and feed the flowers
    • We have lightly watered the brick to keep flowers fresh
    • Please pour Water on the floral brick until it turns dark green
    • Well watered Floral Brick can keep flowers fresh up to a week
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